Enterprising twins expand from chalk making to metal bending

The Chronicle

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Matabeleland South Bureau Principal

business doubles that made headings with their chalk making organization in 2015 have actually ventured right into steel sheet flexing in Gwanda, much to the alleviation of the neighborhood that needed to take a trip to Bulawayo to obtain the solution.

The twin siblings, Bekithemba and also Bhekimpilo Dube operating in collaboration with welding specialist, Bulelani Nzuzo, opened their organization early this month.

Bekithemba Dube (in worksuit) and also Bulelani Nzuzo run a steel flexing device

They likewise just recently included welding modern technology to their kind of work where they produce home window frameworks, door frameworks and also seamless gutters to name a few items.

Bent steel sheets are utilized to produce items such as door frameworks, cooking area systems, roof, trunks, moving entrances and also scotch cart bodies to name a few.

The triad bought a steel flexing device worth US$3 500 which they established at their workshop.

With this brand-new organization, makers of these items can currently access curved steel sheets in your area.

For years, individuals in Gwanda needed to take a trip to Bulawayo to get curved steel sheets or have their sheets curved to a preferred layout.

The triad is likewise running an indication composing organization. They have 3 branches, one in Plumtree, one more in Filabusi and also the 3rd in Gwanda. Their procedures run under the firms, Track Back Media and also Flowing Media.

Bekithemba claimed as business owners, it is their wish to make use of every organization chance in order to use options to individuals.

Bekithemba Dube (in worksuit) and also Bulelani Nzuzo run a steel flexing device

“We generally began by providing printing solutions where we concentrated on branding that includes signpost branding, visuals making and also company wear branding after that we included chalk production. We’ve currently partnered with welding specialist Bulelani Nzuzo to include welding modern technology. Currently we’ve included steel design. Steel sheets are utilized by a great deal of individuals to make different items yet in Gwanda there were no steel flexing solutions.

“Individuals might have their steel sheets and also wish to utilize them for different functions yet would certainly after that need to go to Bulawayo for the sheets to be curved right into a preferred design. We’re stating with our solution, individuals can bring their sheets for flexing and also at the exact same time get curved sheets from us. We can flex sheets for door frameworks, home window frameworks, moving entrances, roof sheets and also seamless gutters to name a few items,” he claimed.

Bekithemba claimed their brand-new industry became part of initiatives to establish the production sector in the town. He claimed in the future, their customers would certainly have the ability to get completed steel items from them.

He claimed while they remain to broaden their kind of work, they will certainly make certain to update their items to match contemporary fads.

Bekithemba claimed under indicator article branding, they have actually integrated digital indicators which brighten in the evening. He claimed they have actually installed these in Plumtree and also Gwanda. Bekithemba claimed they have actually likewise integrated costs board branding. He claimed they were likewise integrating brand-new fads when making.

His companion, Nzuzo claimed steel design is a feasible organization which is gradually getting energy in the mining community of Gwanda. He nevertheless, claimed basic materials were not conveniently offered in your area, which provided a difficulty to them.

“There’s a great deal of cash and also organization possibilities in steel design. What we require are various gamers that will certainly be available in to use varied product and services to ensure that our customers can obtain all solutions within the exact same location. We can’t be shedding customers to Bulawayo when we have experienced individuals in the area. If individuals obtain their solutions right here and also invest their cash in your area, then that will certainly establish the community,” he claimed.

A welder based in Gwanda, George Moyo, claimed the accessibility of curved steel sheets in the mining community will certainly lighten the lots for him as he needed to take a trip to Bulawayo to get curved steel for his items. He claimed this was pricey for him as he needed to spend for transport.

“I can produce nearly anything out of steel sheets yet the obstacle is accessing the curved sheets. This makes it hard as a welder since a great deal of cash is invested in moving the sheets. Since I can obtain the sheets in your area, it will certainly aid me reduce on prices and also I won’t waste time taking a trip to Bulawayo to obtain my items. I’ll have the ability to obtain basic materials at a more affordable expense,”.

Bekithemba Dube (in worksuit) and also Bulelani Nzuzo run a steel flexing device

“Sometimes, a customer can feature their very own sheets which are straight yet after that I might stop working to use the preferred solution since I don’t have a flexing device. As opposed to mosting likely to Bulawayo, customers can currently involve me and also I’ll obtain their sheets curved after that produce the item. We’re attempting to establish the community’s sector yet there’s still a great deal of job to be done,” he claimed

In 2015, the Dube doubles made headings throughout the Zimbabwe International Profession Fair after complying with display screens of the chalk which they produce.

In 2018, Bekithemba and also Bhekimpilo chose to leave their tasks and also endeavor right into chalk making to cover the space they had actually kept in mind while showing computer systems in the backwoods. Bhekimpilo went to Filabusi Secondary School while his bro went to Bulu Secondary School in Plumtree, both in Matabeleland South district.

Although the doubles instructed at various colleges, they had an usual obstacle – the absence printing solutions –which saw them having a hard time to offer visuals for their students. This motivated them to begin business of printing academic products for students consequently reducing the concern for instructors and also moms and dads that utilized to take a trip regarding Bulawayo for publishing solutions. –@DubeMatutu