Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: All Jedha Scrolls Places

Sister Taske and Jedha Scroll in front of blurred Sister Taske Store on Jedha in Jedi Survivor

There are many collectibles scattered all through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that may be discovered and traded to particular distributors in trade for cosmetics, components, and different objects. Certainly one of these distinctive forex collectibles is Jedha Scrolls which, in contrast to Priorite Shards, can solely be discovered on one planet, Jedha.

Jedha Scrolls are thought-about a treasure and with out the Map Improve, may be very annoying to trace down. There are 50 in whole that may be traded for Jedi: Survivor lightsaber components and supplies. Regardless of that Jedha is visited early, many of those require late-game talents to gather, so gathering all of them needs to be completed post-game.

Lots of the Jedha Scrolls might be held by Scavenger Droids. These small Droids run away from Cal and may be pretty annoying to kill. The easiest way to destroy them is by throwing the lightsaber at them. Don’t attempt to Power pull them, or use any of Cal’s different new Jedi: Survivor Power powers, it is going to trigger them to bury within the sand, after which Cal must Relaxation on the Meditation Level to respawn them.

Jedha Scroll Found indicator on Jedi Survivor Screen with Cal standing on Jedha

Jedha Scrolls is not going to be present in each particular person space of Jedha, however they are going to be in each area. The quantity within the particular person areas may even differ with some having just one whereas others have as much as 9. Moreover, as said above, many of those scrolls will require reaching sure factors within the recreation to both unlock the world itself or to unlock a capability wanted to succeed in the scroll. So gamers are advisable to seek out all of the scrolls after ending Jedi: Survivor’s primary story targets. All 49 findable Jedha Scroll places may be discovered within the charts beneath.

The charts beneath are full. They are going to checklist out solely the areas of Jedha that include scrolls, if an space is just not listed beneath then there isn’t a scroll to be discovered there.

Historic Ruins



Map Location

Monastery Partitions

From the meditation level head straight previous the Skriton and go into Monastery. There might be Stormtroopers combating a Sutaban, so defeat all of them after which the scroll might be sitting on a pile of rocks on the platform.

From the meditation level, go ahead and all the way in which to the left, up the sand hill and avoiding the Skriton. By a doorway, there might be a gaggle of Hardshells, kill them, after which there might be a set of prayer bells on the wall. The scroll is on the fitting facet of these.

From the identical chamber because the final scroll, slide down the rock slide, however earlier than reaching the underside, grapple to the purpose above. From there, get to the platform throughout the pillars, the place one in all Jehda’s Jedi: Survivor Power Tears is, and switch round to see a wall off to the fitting that’s climbable. Climb up that wall and comply with the trail to the top to discover a scroll.

From the earlier scroll, return across the nook, then flip proper and leap throughout the hole the place a scroll is sitting on the platform.

On the far proper facet of the monastery wall space, the place a workbench is, a scroll may be discovered towards the wall subsequent to it.

From the identical workbench, drop to an space with Hardschell crabs, straight throughout there might be 6 tall pillars for wall leaping. On the finish of these 6 pillars, there’s a operating wall that leads right into a small cave the place a pressure essence is. As an alternative of going into the cave, flip round and run again throughout the wall to get on high of the pillars. Now return to the third pillar. From there to the left, there’s a runnable pillar that veers off to the left and drops onto slightly bridge-like space. Run ahead to a wall, till dropping right into a hall. Then do a 180 and there might be a scroll in entrance of a damaged statue.

From the meditation level, head to the furthest far proper facet the place Skriton is. There’s a wall that appears just like a battlement with a ledge within the center. A scroll is on that ledge.

Penitent Chambers

From the Penitent Chambers meditation level, go to the bridge on the fitting with the obtainable zip line shortcut. Take the shortcut and to the fitting of that finish of the zipline, climb up the ledges right into a hall the place one other Scavenger Droid might be with a scroll.

On the backside of the enormous rock slide within the chamber, the place Merrin is first seen, climb as much as the place she was initially standing. On the again of the massive construction, the place the statue is, the scroll might be mendacity on the bottom.

Halls of Ranvell

From the Halls of Ranvell meditation level, go into the close by hall and down the steps. In entrance of a door that was beforehand locked throughout a portion of the playthrough might be a scroll on the bottom.

From the Halls of Ranvell meditation level, head ahead and right down to a drop off ledge the place imperials are ready on the backside. Combat by them and comply with the trail alongside. Behind a heavy gunner stormtrooper that must be killed, there might be a grapple level to make use of. After grappling, proceed on and there might be extra stormtroopers within the hallway. Combat by them and leap throughout a pit after which up onto a ledge. There might be a shaft the place Cal can wall leap up as an alternative of dropping down. After wall leaping, he’ll attain a ledge with a scroll on it.

Divine Oasis

There’s a tent close to a small space of water. The Scroll is behind the tent.

From the identical tent, climb onto a Jedi: Survivor Spamel mount and head towards the runic wall the place there might be a ledge Cal can leap onto from the Spamel. As soon as on the ledge, the Scroll might be mendacity on the bottom, in entrance of the wall, instantly in entrance of Cal.


Narkis Desert



Map Location

Sheltered Hole

From the Sheltered Hole meditation level proceed towards Cere’s base. Combat the Sutaban and go previous the additional stim container. To the left, on the backside of the sand slide, within the nook, there might be slightly Scavenger Droid operating round. Kill it and it’ll drop the scroll.

Desert Ridge

From Cere’s base, take a proper. There might be a shortcut rope that ought to’ve already been activated, use it to go up. As soon as on the ledge, do the wall run to the fitting, and climb on high of that wall (the one with the wall run) and there might be a chest. Take a left from that chest and there might be two different wall runs, take the fitting one and as soon as close to the top leap throughout to the wall on the left the place a scroll is caught on the wall. Leaping onto the wall ought to permit it to be collected.

Arid Flats

From the Anchorite Base meditation level, flip round and there might be a crashed gunship. Climb up onto it and switch proper. There might be stone archways with a Scavenger Droid below them. Kill it to get the scroll.

Proceed from the Anchorite Base meditation level down and to the left, alongside the cliffs. Go previous the inexperienced protect door the place a small cave has a Sutaban and a few Hardshells. On the left facet of that cave, towards the wall, is a scroll.

From the Anchorite Base meditation level, climb onto the downed gunship and go left. Go alongside the again wall till reaching a cliff and drop to the place there’s a Skriton there to kill. Then towards the cliff wall you dropped from, there’s a pile of rocks, carry them with the pressure to get the scroll.

From the world with the beforehand talked about Skriton, exit out the opposite facet the place a satellite tv for pc is hovering over a pool of water. Grapple as much as it after which purpose Cal backward to the ledge above the water. A Scroll is on the ledge.

From the Anchorite Base meditation level, hop onto a Spamel and head in direction of the ruined finish of the bridge closest to you. A Scavenger Droid is below that bridge. This Scavenger Droid is the toughest one to kill as a result of the world could be very open. The perfect methodology is to run him over with a Spamel and do an assault transfer to kill him.

From the Scavenger Droid below the bridge on the final scroll, go to Wayfinders Tomb and climb as much as get to the bridge degree. Head throughout the bridge, again within the course Cal got here, and grapple to the primary satellite tv for pc. A Scroll is on the middle platform piece of the bridge.

From the earlier scroll location, proceed to grapple to the top of the bridge. Then look over the sting on the fitting facet and there might be a small platform. Drop onto it for the subsequent scroll.

Climb to the highest of Wayfinders Tomb. From there take the bridge heading out East, assuming the one for the earlier scrolls was the South bridge. Grapple throughout the bridge to the top and drop onto a damaged platform. The Scroll is on the fitting facet of a damaged help pillar.

From the earlier Scroll location, there might be a small stack of cliffs close by. Bounce up these to discover a Scavenger Droid close to the highest.

Wayfinder’s Tomb

From the Arid Flats meditation level, head to Wayfinders Tomb. On the base of the tomb there might be a Scavenger Droid with a scroll.

Path of Persistence

Take the zipline as much as the primary ground of the world. To the fitting of the zipline, grapple as much as the ledge with a cave entrance the place a stormtrooper is. To the fitting of him is a tiny ledge, the scroll is on the finish of it.

Path of Conviction

Take the left facet with two satellites that result in the very high. Bounce over a wall to succeed in the highest, after which head throughout to slightly little bit of land protruding on the again. On the very finish of that platform is a vase. Smash it to discover a scroll.

Narkis Highlands

From the Arid Flats meditation level, head throughout the zipline shortcut to the Narkis Highlands. The top left and grapple up, adopted by operating throughout two partitions. Go ahead from there to the satellite tv for pc in entrance of a cave. Grapple as much as the satellite tv for pc and do a 180 flip to grapple to a better wall there. Run throughout the wall and to the fitting there might be one other wall that goes up. On the high of that wall climb, there’s a stone platform with a scroll.


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Ceres Base



Map Location

The Archive

From Archives meditation level, take a left by the door and squeeze by the small hall to seek out the scroll sitting on the ground.

From the earlier scroll location, air sprint by the protect. Then proceed ahead and wall leap as much as the highest ground. On the highest ground, leap throughout to the highest proper platform, the scroll might be on a field in entrance of the door.

From the earlier scroll location, leap again throughout to the platform you have been simply on. Subsequent to a different door, a scroll is on a field.

Head into the chamber with sister Taske from the Archive’s meditation level and leap as much as the platform above her. Between two doorways on a container might be a scroll.

Return to the Archive room and leap up onto the second-floor platform. When dealing with the door to the chamber with Sister Taske, the platform is on the fitting facet. On the far finish of that platform, there might be a scroll on a barrel in entrance of a door.


Pilgrims Path



Map Location

Trailhead Pantheon

Proper as you first come to Trailhead Pantheon, there might be a tower on the fitting. Undergo the door of that tower and a Scroll is towards the again wall subsequent to a skeleton.

Proceed up by the Pantheon to a chamber with Sutaban. On the left wall, the place there’s a pressure pull to open a grate, climb by a gap to get to the crypt. Comply with alongside the left wall from there to the top the place a scroll may be discovered.

From the Crypt of Uhrma meditation level, flip round and face the wall between two giant rocks, the place some pots are. Smash the pots for a scroll.

Whistling Drop

From the meditation level, head straight ahead alongside the wall runs till reaching an enormous spherical chamber with Stormtroopers. On the sting of the platform of the opening, there’s a small pillar and a few pots. The Scroll may be discovered there.

Blustery Mesa

From the Crypt of Uhrma meditation level, head proper and take the steps as much as the Blustery Mesa. There might be a platform overlooking some stormtroopers. On the left there might be a cave with wind blowing out of it, which Cal can’t leap into. So climb again up onto the platform and wall run to the top the place Cal can drop and Sprint into the cave. There might be a Scavenger Droid inside to kill whereas combating the winds.

Ranging from the Timeworn Bridge meditation level, flip proper and leap out the window. Head down the left path the place the wind is blowing straight up. Use the wind to hold Cal as much as a ledge with stormtroopers and comply with the small flags heading proper. There might be a climbable wall to the highest, take it, to succeed in a small slender space with winds. Go to the top the place the ledge is and there might be a stack of small rocks with a Scroll.

From the beforehand talked about Scroll space the place the stormtroopers have been, look out over the sting the place pillars might be angled in direction of Cal. Bounce to the platform and climb as much as the highest, previous the pillars. This Scroll is close to one other stack of small rocks.

Crypt of Uhrma

Go to the again of the Jedi: Survivor Crypt of Uhrma, the place there’s a small alcove round a nook. The Scroll is in a gap within the wall that’s holding skulls.

Timeworn Bridge

From the Timeworn meditation level. Head outdoors onto the metallic platform and switch proper and drop off. On the platform instantly below the earlier platform is the scroll.

From the earlier scroll location, head up the trail by the caves. As an alternative of going throughout the bridge when reaching it, go the other approach by the doorway. There might be a climbable wall to take upwards to a platform overlooking the bridge. Bounce down the platforms to the fitting and there might be a rock formation within the middle of the platform. On the bottom of it are some pots with a Scroll.

Singing Ruins

Enter the Singing Ruins, and take the hall on the fitting by the passageway to the opposite facet. The top throughout right into a darkish collapsed passage. Towards some caved-in rocks is a scroll.


Pilgrims Sanctuary



Map Location

Sanctuary Temple

From the meditation level, head ahead and squeeze by passages till reaching a chamber with pillars and stormtroopers. Head to the left facet and towards the bottom of the middle pillar on the left facet, there might be a scroll subsequent to some pots.

From the Sepulcher Cross meditation level. Sprint by the protect wall and go left into the doorway. There might be a climbable wall to the highest, however as soon as on the second ground, leap to the middle platform and take the ramp up by a door. Then do a 180 flip to face a carving with a Scroll subsequent to it. This is similar room with a workbench.

Sepulcher Cross

From the Sepulcher Cross meditation level, go searching and there might be a scroll inside two ft of that meditation level.

Buried Refuge

Head to the massive channel of water on the finish of the Sanctuary Temple. Swim by it to the top after which grapple up. Earlier than heading by the doorway, flip proper, and towards the wall, there might be a scroll.

From the earlier scroll location, go forward and head by the doorway and proceed on the trail till reaching the subsequent chamber with a pedestal within the middle. On this chamber, towards the wall with the pots is a scroll.


A jedi survivor screenshot of holotactics opponents showing Merrin has a Jedha Scroll reward

In spite of everything the opposite Jedha scrolls have been discovered, the final one will should be gained. Particularly in a recreation of Holotactics towards Jedi: Survivor‘s Merrin, who’s encountered on Jedha. Holotactics will should be unlocked by finishing The Odd Pair Rumor during which Cal rescues Bhima and Tulli from a Mogu within the Boiling Bluff on Koboh. After rescuing them, Holotactics might be arrange within the Pyloon’s Saloon and Cal can play towards a number of opponents for varied rewards. Merrin’s reward for profitable would be the remaining Jedha Scroll wanted to have all 50.

Merrin is likely one of the simpler opponents, so acquiring the scroll might be pretty easy. Use a Bedlam Smasher unit within the first two waves with another minor models to save lots of Battle Factors. Then for the ultimate wave, attempt a few DT-Sentry Droids (Hammer & Workers) and a Safety Droid (Baton).

You should definitely come again later and win the remainder of the rewards from different opponents, however for now, since all of the Scrolls have been collected, head to Sister Taske within the Archives of Jedha. Cal can commerce the Scrolls to her in trade for various Star Wars Jedi: Survivor lightsaber components and supplies.


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